Cloud computing Service




Research online, a Cloud computing Service Level Agreement (SLA) and describe what it entails. Use the list
of components in a typical SLA given here:
-A breakdown of services provided and excluded
-Costs for services
-Duration of the agreement
-Responsibilities of the customer and the service provider
-Availability and performance requirements
-Service monitoring and reporting
-Remediation and liability (or lack thereof) for service disruption
-Dispute resolution procedures
-A mechanism for reviewing and updating the SLA, including a change control process
List all the sections your SLA includes and how they describe the level of service they are providing. Give your
opinion for each section of the importance of inclusion of that section in the SLA.











This week, you need to come up with a security plan to guard against current attack methods for your
company’s users. Outline everything that you think you would need to explain to them. Give them reasons for
creating the plan and any warnings necessary to get your points across. This is your system! Make sure they
know the importance of this plan! Produce a memo (in proper memo form) that outlines everything you need to
tell them.

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Approximately 250 words