Child’s ability to identify letters


The tile test needs to be done first. The recording sheet is attached. It will be submitted as part of the report. The other attachment article can be used as one of the resources. The MODEL PHONICS.pdf is an example of what my professor is looking for in my report. Use the video and recording sheet, then, base the paper and any resources off the report findings.

Tile Test Assessment Report
Description: In this report, you will discuss your child’s ability to identify letters, understand sounds and codes to build words, sight words, words within sentences, and sentence conventions. You will also discuss the tutorial lesson you conducted on your Tile Test and the student’s response to the lesson. Use the child’s first name (Ashton) in this report. Submit a 1.5-2 page, double-spaced report that includes a brief paragraph about your student, the results of your lesson, the results of the assessments, your evaluation of the assessments, and instructional recommendations. You should attach the assessment sheets, your anecdotal notes, and the rubric as a separate document in the assignment box with your notes.

Tile Test — Fall 2020 — Ashton




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