Causes and Consequences of rising sea level

Causes and Consequences of rising sea level


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FORMAT:  Annotated Bibliography.  An annotated bibliography has two parts:

  1. A reference to the paper that identifies the reference sufficiently completely that anyone reading it can go find it in the library or at the journal website, etc.,
  2. A short description of what is in the reference, which would include what the authors’ questions were, what they did to answer the questions, and what the answers were.  In addition, there is often information about the quality of the authors’ work – so if they made claims about their papers, but they really didn’t do a good job, some assessment of quality would go in the annotated bibliography.

POINTS: This assignment will count for 8% of your grade.


In this assignment you are to write an annotated bibliography on 8 references, all 8 of which are about one of the topics above that you will have chosen.

Clearly indicate which topic you are choosing.  Later in the semester you will be writing a paper on this topic – so give it some thought.  The idea is that you do this assignment first, and it will help you write a better paper later in the semester for the longer and more important second writing assignment.

The bibliography must consist of at least 8 references (at least 4 from peer reviewed literature; may have no more than 4 from press or websites – you may not use Wikipedia in your list of references).

Each reference will have a write up of no less than 150 words written in grammatically correct sentences. Write up will include discussion of the article and how the information will be applied to a study of the topic you chose above.

Your annotations should target a general scientific “literate” audience.  Your comments must not be simply a re-worded version of your references.  Rather, you should use your references to inform you on this topic and then write your annotations in your own words.

We will evaluate your article based on the following criteria (100 points total):

Completeness and accuracy (65 points): Does the bibliography have 8 sources?  Are they referenced in a format that is complete? Is there content that reflects what is actually in the references?

Structure (30 points):  Do the references follow an appropriate format?  Do the annotations contain appropriate elements (i.e. descriptions of what was asked, what was done, what was found)? Are the ideas in your article presented in a logical order?  How well have you conveyed information to the reader?

Novelty (5 points): Describe what is scientifically notable about the references.  How well did the paper accomplish its goals?  Were there problems with the papers?

Tips for finding reference articles:

•   Given below are a few links from the popular media and from websites for a scientifically literate audience. You may use one of these as a reference in your own article if useful.

•   You could also start with one popular media article and then follow up on the scientists and/or research referenced in that article to find your second source. (I would recommend this; this may be the easiest way to find quality information.)

•   You could also search popular media articles using one of the electronic databases available through the WSU Library, called WorldCat.  This database will search through hundreds of newspaper articles and you may find some good sources.  You may find, however, that the articles identified through this or other electronic databases may have to be ordered through the ILIAD document service, which often takes 3-5 days to receive the article, so please give yourself enough time to do your research.  Contact a reference librarian (or Gilbert/Daniel) if you are unfamiliar with doing database searches.


Approximately 250 words