Cancer biology




Introduce your topic and its importance. For example, if you were choosing the targeting of myc, several
sentences or so on myc function or importance in cancer progression. A couple of sentences explaining what
an undruggable target means and how it applies to myc.
Summarize some important research studies that have been conducted to address the issue. Continuing with
myc, what (if any) therapeutics have been tried and what were the results? You do not have to do an
exhaustive search/summary of all studies, just one or two of any important ones.
Describe some of your ideas for further studies that you would like to propose that would expand on current
knowledge. You don’t have to detail a research plan, just use information from the class or research that
demonstrates a thoughtful attempt.
References Remember to site all information that is included in your paper. See example for format. Include
at least one reference for each of the previous bullet points. Minimum of three references is required.


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Approximately 250 words