Business Communication

What you need to do
Provide answers to the below prompts. Make sure you first review all of the lecture content and assigned reading materials related to the Gulfs of Execution and Evaluation, for example (Links to an external site.)
Identify an interactive product that you have had problems using in some way
• The definition of a problem is as follows: you attempted to use the product for some purpose but were unable to do so because the technology did not work in the way you expected (your mental model).
• Briefly (1-2 paragraphs) describe the product and the problem you had, and provide a picture or a screenshot of the user interface.
Analyze the problem you encountered using the Gulfs of Evaluation and Execution model
• First, briefly describe the goal you had when using the product and your mental model of the product.
• Second, describe how the product communicated what functionality was available to you and where.
o You should think in terms of how understandable the conceptual model was to you and how the user interface used design principles such as visibility, signifiers and constraints.
• Third, describe how the product communicated to you the results of your interaction.
o You should think in terms of the feedback the product provided when you interacted with it.
• Last, describe some ways how you could improve the design of the product to “bridge the gulfs”: that is, how the product could more effectively communicate what you can do with it and how, and what the results of user’s interaction are.

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Approximately 250 words