Your assignment is to research a professional sports organization from any team in any league and develop a PowerPoint based on the following criteria: You will analyze the background of the organization; research the sponsorship opportunities; conduct a SWOT analysis for the organization, discuss the marketing segmentations that the organization tries to reach; define the sport marketing mix and the 4 P’s; research and state the ticket prices, luxury seating, concessions and parking; list some fun facts about the organization and the venue it is played in if any; research programs that the organization reaches out to in the community. After creating a PowerPoint, you need to summarize the organization’s overall marketing efforts and use your own personal opinion in how they do it from a marketing perspective. This needs to be at least 2 pages double spaced and go into more detail than the PowerPoint. Examples of each criteria are below: Background: · Details on the background of the organization, when the franchise was purchased, how many championships have they won, where are they located, pictures of the organization/players. Sponsorships: · Research the sponsors that the organization has, for example the New York Giants are sponsored by Gatorade, Toyota, Pepsi, and Verizon. · Also include any other partnerships they have that may be local or smaller SWOT Analysis · List strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that you noticed when researching the organization. More specifics on this are in the chapter we discussed SWOT analysis. Marketing Segmentations · List the different segmentations we discussed during the Segmentation module and provide examples. Segmentations were; Demographic, Socioeconomic, Psychographic, Geographic, Behavioral, Benefits, and Geodemographic. Sports Marketing Mix (4 P’s) · In the first module we talked on the sports marketing mix and the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). Research the different ways the organization uses these segments. More examples are in the PowerPoint titled “Sport Marketing Mix” Ticket Pricing · Research and state the ticket prices, luxury seating, concessions and parking prices for the organization Fun Facts · Any fun facts you found when researching the organization. Community Outreach · Programs that the organization or players partner with in the community. This is meant to be a fun project and you can make it as in detail as you want and be creative with it! 100 points will come from the summary and 100 points from the PowerPoint totaling 200 points.


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Approximately 250 words