Argument Essay Write

Argument Essay Write
Prompt: Write a2-3 page argument essay establishing a position for or against drone science technology and advancement.  Use the articles/videos from class as your sources of evidence.
You must craft an effective and defensible thesis statement.
You must draw from a minimum of three (3) articles.
The essay must be written in 3rd person.  Please revise your work to be sure no first or second person is in your essay unless it is in a quote (evidence).
All essays must be type written. 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, and double spaced.
You may use MLA format.  If you do not know MLA formatting yet, your essay is still acceptable.
Be sure to utilize connotative diction to establish an effective tone. I know you don’t have the videos but it doesn’t matter just look it up


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Approximately 250 words