Argument Analysis



When making a counterargument, it’s important to know when someone is making a fallacious argument.
There’s nothing wrong with criticizing a argument, but that criticism should be based on information in the text
and not your opinion.
Critically read the essay, “On Date Rape” by Camille Paglia, page 144.
Write an analysis that points out the fallacies in Paglia’s essay. Make sure you summarize her argument in the
You should write a minimum of 3 pages.
Full scores will be given for essays that meet the following criteria:
Minimal writing errors (0-2). Please use an app like Grammarly to proofread.
Paragraphs are structured and well-developed with a strong topic sentence, supporting evidence, and
explanation of the evidence.
Essay is properly cited in MLA citation format, 8th edition, including double-spaced, page numbers, correct
citation with a Works Cited page.
Concise and coherent sentences with properly punctuated clauses, active voice, and demonstrated mastery of
college-level vocabulary.
Analysis is supported with evidence from the text without personal opinion




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Approximately 250 words