Apostles of Disunion ch. 4 “The Alabamians”



According to the secession commissioners from Alabama, what were some of the grievances against the
North? Give examples by quoting from the book, citing the pages.
What were some of the reasons given by the Alabaman commissioners for the need to secede? Give
examples by quoting from the book, citing the pages.
Was Alabama’s mission to Kentucky successful? Why or why not? Cite from the book.
Min. 150 words, citing and quoting from the pages that support your answer, and numbering your responses to
correspond to the questions asked. I will not grade responses if they do not fulfill this criteria.
Question Set 2: OpenStax US History ch. 16, “The Era of Reconstruction”
Citing and quoting from chapter 16.3 and 16.4 in OpenStax US History, address the following:
How did Radical Reconstruction attempt to provide social, political, and economic equality for former slaves?
In what ways did it succeed, and in what ways did it fall short?
What role did violence play in the demise of Reconstruction?


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Approximately 250 words