ANT 432-002 Research Paper on Indian ocean influences

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ANT 432-002 Research Paper on Indian ocean influences

ANT 432-002 Research Paper Instructions

This paper requires you to research the cultural, economic and political importance of the Gulf’s maritime connections, communities, and processes of exchange across the Indian Ocean before the founding of the Gulf nation-states. (in other words before 1971).

The central question that your research paper should address is: How did Indian Ocean connections and also exchanges affect the Gulf? You will need to narrow down this question to ONE particular topic or theme that you are in, for example: demographics, architecture, food culture, pearling, music, commodities trade, palm agriculture, dress, dialect/language, etc. You may wish to focus on a particular city or a region (like Dubai or Oman) or discuss your subject more broadly as a pattern that affected the entire Gulf. Regardless, however, your paper must show the interactions of the Arabian Gulf with one or more other specific regions, like India, South Arabia, East Africa or other Indian Ocean societies.

Your research paper needs to explore:
1) how these Indian Ocean influences travelled to the Gulf;
2) how the Gulf society you are studying adapted them to suit their own needs;
3) what were the cultural/economic/social/political impacts that these influences had on the Gulf.

ANT 432-002 Research Paper on Indian ocean influences

Your Research Paper should be about 2000 words long. It needs to be in a proper essay format, with an introduction stating your goal and thesis, body paragraphs. (each containing a clear idea/topic and presenting evidence from your research to support your thesis), and a conclusion/summary. As sources, you need to cite at least three external academic sources (secondary sources). These may be in the form of academic articles, book chapters, surveys etc. You must also use at least two primary historical sources from the period you are studying. Such as a biography, a historical newspaper article, an archival document, a personal letter, a business contract etc.
Your Research Paper will make up 30 percent of your final grade
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