Analyze how the Renaissance (1350-1648) solidifies the foundation for modern Europe.

How the Renaissance (1350-1648) solidifies the foundation for modern Europe

This should be a 5-7 page essay that demands solid writing based on good historical research (3-5 sources would be best if you go beyond the class notes and the book).

All citations must be done in the Chicago Style Guide, the citation type for History as a discipline. You SHOULD include a list of any sources on a separate page (that page is NOT part of the 5-7 pages).

A cover page is NOT required.
This assessment MUST be typed (11 or 12 point font; Times or Calibri is best), 1.5 spacing and possess good grammar, spelling, and a clear, organized thought-process.

Assignment Prompt
Analyze how the Renaissance (1350-1648) solidifies the foundation for modern Europe.

The foundation cornerstones for the modern world emerge in antiquity from Athens, from Rome and from Christianity. From the Athenians, we saw the value of the mind, both in the concept of intelligence and in the philosophical underpinnings of life. From the Romans we saw the highest pinnacle of the value of the written law, the preservation of law and building a civic system of government around law that provided inclusion for all citizens. From Christianity, we saw two thingsā€¦first the idea that all human life had value (the woman, the slave, the poor, the outsider, the outcast) and second the idea that in deference to the first point, then government should be limited in power with a distinct separation of the power of the government away from, separate from, individual spiritual matters (so, in short, a separation of religion and the state).

Your work then should be done in four parts:

First, explain how the Crisis of 1300s set the stage for the coming Renaissance; this will be where you can explain the central essences of the Renaissance, why it starts (1-2 pages)

Second, you should demonstrate how the Renaissance revolutionized Europe as we have uncovered it during the last half of the course. You need to demonstrate how the Renaissance changed Europe as evidenced by the various topics we have covered (nationalism, government, language, economics, technology, culture, or exploration; other areas could be included here). (1-2 pages)

Third, focus in-depth on one of the two big revolutions from the Renaissance: The Reformation or The Scientific Revolution. Explain the connection of your choice with the Renaissance, providing an overview of your choice, what it is, why it matters. (2 pages)
The final part should then link the Renaissance back to those foundations of Western Civilization. Explain where you see the foundations expressed, restored, and perhaps debated during this time. Conclude this final section with how you think this restoration of the foundation during the Renaissance will change and impact the future of Europe as time moves into the 170iqu0s and 1800s. (1-2 pages)

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Approximately 250 words