American citizenship test and reflection



This is a discussion assignment. One page, double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt font. Instructions:
Copy and paste the following link to take a practice version of the United State’s Citizenship Test. You are to
take the test blind. Meaning, do not look up the answers. You are not be graded on your score. Use the result
to complete your reflective writing essay by responding to the following prompt, after you have completed the
test. (Links to an external site.)
1. In your own words, describe what it means to be American.
2. In your own words, define the demographic eligibility of an American citizen… as detailed as possible.
3. Based on you responses to 1 & 2 would you qualify to be an American citizen?
4. Discuss your experience taking the citizenship test, by apply examples of the questions you answered and
your final blind score to provide a critical analysis of what you learned about your own perception and
expectation versus that of the government’s when determining American citizenship.


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Approximately 250 words