1.      The Assignment Title




Coursework Guidance


1.      The Assignment Title Exchange Students Interviews
2.      The assignment Description Part One:

Exchange Interview (Online) and prepare a power point presentation

See details below.


3.      Type of Assignment Part one:

Structure of your PPT should include:

·         Introduction

·         Questions & Answers of both students

·         Conclusion

·         Lessons Learned

4.      Number of words 1200 words
5.      Writing Instructions You are reminded to submit assignments in your own words. If you choose to use external sources for your writing, you must clearly state where these are from.

Here is a reference guide: http://www.bibme.org/citation-guide/apa/

Furthermore, you may check on grammarly* before submitting to avoid a negative mark.

*Keep in mind that Your coursework / assignments will be put through our plagiarism software: ‘Grammarly’ to ensure authenticity (anything above 20% will be considered plagiarism) – and should be re-submitted or return an ‘F’ grade.






A student has the choice to select his interviewee (which is his interviewer). This is a process of exchanging interviews between two students. For example: Student A should prepare a list of questions to interview his class mate, set time and date for the interview. Prepare presentation with the following:

  1. Time and date of the interview
  2. Names
  3. List of questions and the answers
  4. Conclusion (where do you think the applicant fits in a job).
  5. Lessons learned including the mistakes the applicant did during the interview he can avoid.


Student B should do the same. Prepare a list of questions to interview his class mate, set time and date for the interview, and prepare a PPT. (to be added later to Student A and posted as one ppt).




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Approximately 250 words